Gently-used books in the genres you choose delivered to your door for $9.99 monthly.

How it Works

Step 1

Select Genres

Choose as few or as many genres as you like to tailor your subscription to your taste.  When we curate your box, we will randomly select books from your chosen genres for a fun surprise every month. 

Step 2

Choose a Term

We offer multiple subscription terms to meet your needs and budget.  Choose  month-to-month, three month,  six month, and one year terms.  There is a price break at every level.  Cancel  anytime.

Step 3

Enjoy Your Books

We hope you love your selections and look forward to your next box.  Take a photo and shout us out  with  #usedbooksmonthly.  If we fall short, please contact us and we will try to make it right.

Read, rinse, and repeat.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Educate, enlighten, and Inspire.  One person reads a book, and then what?  It sits there unopened, it fills up a landfill.  That's a crime to the author and to us all.  So pass it on and  on and share the love.  Save money, the environment, and the effort - we do all the work, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy.  The most affordable (and green) book subscription box at your fingertips - that's us.  Books were born to be Used Books Monthly.

-Kora R. 

Head Curator