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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Your books will  ship by the 5th of each month. We'll start assembling your order as soon as you subscribe, and we will ship it within 10 business days.  You will get a tracking number via e-mail every time your books are sent out.

How can I make changes to my subscription?

There is a login link at the top of the page where you can change the number of books you receive, genre, contact information, shipping address, payment method, or pause/cancel your subscription.  If you have any trouble or would like to  provide feedback on your subscription, please e-mail

If I give a gift, when will the recipient get the gift message?

Your custom gift message will be e-mailed to the recipient once the first order is shipped along with the tracking number.

What if I don't like the books I receive?

We do our professional best to curate the best mix of books in each shipment for the selected genre.  The process is random by nature, because we never know exactly which books we will have in stock or exactly which books you prefer.  This fulfillment method is what keeps our service affordable and adds to the element of surprise.  Unfortunately, sometimes it means that a subscriber ends up disappointed with our selections.  If this is the case we want to hear from you so we can try to make it right.  We truly want you to be happy with our service.  E-mail

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