Why This Box?

A little about our mission...

We are a subscription service dedicated to finding new readers for used books, because we think an author's work should stay in circulation and that passing a book from one reader to another is good for the environment. The best way to read a book is still to hold it, and we make building your personal library affordable.  The best part of joining us is the element of surprise.  We hope that you find a special book previously unknown to you in your monthly shipment.  Maybe it contains that one novel you've been wanting to read forever but never bought.   Perhaps you'll even get a book you would have passed over in the bookstore that is destined to become your favorite. 

-Joe W.


What our subscribers are saying about us:




I received my first box (2 books monthly) a few days ago. My books were so good, I couldn't put the first one down, I'm almost done reading it, this is huge for me I have trouble finishing books if I get bored (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Book 1): Alexander McCall Smith ) luckily my second book is another from the same author and series. I loved this box so much that decided to immediately switch to 4 books monthly. I highly recommend this to anyone that loves books. Thank you


Amazing condition for a great price!

I just received my second box and I'm still stunned at the amazing condition of the books. They are like new and will look good on my bookshelf. The selection has been great and followed the interests I marked down very well (although moreso in the first box than the second). I will definitely keep my subscription for as long as my bookcase has room, and maybe after!


I got this as a gift for my mom. She’s an avid reader with somewhat peculiar tastes. The curator is great! They really thought about the books to send based off of the notes I sent. She got an mystery readers walking guide to London (which she absolutely loved) and another great book that she has read before, but was excited to read again. I’m honestly thrilled by the contents and can’t wait to see what they deliver they month for her!


Best Monthly Box I Ever Got For Books

The books are mostly high quality, good condition best sellers. They are relevant to the subjects I have chosen. It seems like they actually pick out the books to my taste. I look forward to it every month. I have TWO subscriptions to this club. I am a big reader. Best $13 you can spend on a book club.


Spot On!

I received my first box today and I was very happy. There was only one book that I’ve read before but... I “read” it as an audiobook and it is one of my favorite series so getting an actual copy was a delight. I pleasantly surprised to see another book that I own in audiobook format on the list, which I had been putting off listening to because I wanted a physical copy to read along with due to all the illustrations. The other 3 books were new to me and right up my alley, so all in all I am very glad I decided to give this subscription box a try.


5 Stars

While I didn't love my first box, it did include an extra book which was a positive. However, my second box was spot on! Included authors I love and authors I've read before. And for the price, it's absolutely worth getting things (authors/genres) that I'm not familiar with or that I can pass along or donate so I get things that I do want to keep and reread.



Very happy with my first shipment. Will be ordering again and now I've gotten my sister into this :) Thank you so much


Spot on selections!

I received my first subscription box yesterday, and it was awesome! The books were all in-line with my expressed preferences, but also unique enough that I haven't seen the titles before. I'm very pleased, thanks so much.


Great book box.

The first box I ever got was a bit off so I messaged them and after that I couldn’t have been any happier, They really hit it on the mark and I loved the books I got from them on, I will be ordering more from them.


Love these books

They listened to my comment of my favorite type of books. I’m satisfied with all four books each month not one complaint!!!


Great service, great books

Love this box. Unique books, great service, great shipping.


Spot on selections!

I received my first subscription box yesterday, and it was awesome! The books were all in-line with my expressed preferences, but also unique enough that I haven't seen the titles before. I'm very pleased, thanks so much.


Super pleased!

I received my first box and I am super happy! I received four hard cover books in the genre I selected and these babies are in MINT condition. Some of the books are valued at over $30 so I am very excited to have only paid $10 for this. I contacted the seller with a question and received an almost immediate very pleasant response. Definitively getting your moneys worth here.



I just received my first shipment and I'm very pleased! I listed the types of books I enjoy and they added post-its in each book with little descriptions of those types. Definitely recommend for a book lover. And I also appreciate that they are used. Very happy.


First box is a win!

I am ecstatic about my first box. 4 books I probably wouldn't have picked myself, but they all seem to be right up my alley, in different ways. They clearly put thought into which books to send. And I love that they're used; passing on the love, cutting down on the waste.


Great Selections! 

I just received my first shipment and was really impressed with the selections (including a Jack Reacher that I have not read). All the various genre titles are ones I would have selected myself if I had gone into a used book store.



The customer service with this company is the best I've ever experienced by far. I'm looking forward to continuing my subscription. Fantastic! 



Got my second box and I loved it...again! This is by far, the best, book subscription box around. I've tried a lot of them, and you just can't beat the value. Im excited to get started on reading them! 


Best Value

I am extremely happy with my first box. A nice variety of books, they all look interesting. Can’t beat the value either, they are in great shape for being used. This one is definitely a keeper. 


 I got my first box today, and I LOVE it! All of the books are awesome, and I can't wait to see what's in store for my future boxes 😊