Why This Box?

A little about our mission...

We are a subscription service dedicated to finding new readers for used books.  The best way to read a book is still to hold it.  We think an author's work should stay in circulation and that passing a book from one reader to another is good for the environment.  We  help to make building your personal library affordable.  The best part of joining us is the element of surprise.  We hope that in your monthly shipment lies a special book previously unknown to you.  Maybe it contains that one novel you've been wanting to read forever but never bought.   Perhaps you'll  even get a book you would have passed over in the bookstore that is destined to become your favorite. 

-Joe W.


What our subscribers are saying about us:


Great Selections! 

I just received my first shipment and was really impressed with the selections (including a Jack Reacher that I have not read). All the various genre titles are ones I would have selected myself if I had gone into a used book store.



The customer service with this company is the best I've ever experienced by far. I'm looking forward to continuing my subscription. Fantastic! 



Got my second box and I loved it...again! This is by far, the best, book subscription box around. I've tried a lot of them, and you just can't beat the value. Im excited to get started on reading them! 


Best Value

I am extremely happy with my first box. A nice variety of books, they all look interesting. Can’t beat the value either, they are in great shape for being used. This one is definitely a keeper. 


 I got my first box today, and I LOVE it! All of the books are awesome, and I can't wait to see what's in store for my future boxes 😊